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"I think she’s special. She doesn’t need anyone. Like that’s the thing. Even if we were together, she wouldn’t really belong to me. She doesn’t belong to anything. She’s off in her own world…"
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"I hope that one day,
When the dust settles
And we meet again
You’ll look at me and see
Your biggest regret."
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"We had everything to say to each other, but no ways to say it."

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Quickly made lunch 🍴 #loveeggs #foodporn #homemade #lunch #tuna

Quickly made lunch 🍴 #loveeggs #foodporn #homemade #lunch #tuna

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#lunch  #tuna  #homemade  #loveeggs  #foodporn 
Life as we know it..

Dearest Followers,

I know 2-5 years later I wont be actively using Tumblr however I just wanted to point out that you all have impacted my life enormously.More than you think. I find it extremely incredible how we all support and give each other advices on Tumblr. Constantly sharing our thoughts and struggles.
Whether strangers or acquaintances 
I personally find it important to acknowledge these people. You know.. One day in life you’ll come across a stage and think “omg, I can’t believe I survived that dark road” or 
how weird is it waking up receiving support from people all over the world and messages that burn you into flames. Stranger doesn’t always mean danger. These people give us motivation to strive for the better. To do our best in every single way.

When you think you’re alone and the only one suffering, think again. Everyone around you is just exactly like you.Trying to overcome it. Trying to move on whether from a heartbreak, feeling lifeless, wanting to kill yourself, lonely, unhealthy feeling overweighed, don’t belong anywhere …Etc 

I am so proud of each and every one of you who raised a sword against them, even if only for a day, an hour, a minute. Some progress is better than nothing. Remember to always think positively that way you’ll learn to live happier.
We are strong and I love each and every one of you.
I really would not be here, at least not in this slightly okay state if it weren’t for you guys. You’re the best people and I am lucky to have you guys, forever grateful. Thank you so much for being so sweet, supportive, and kind to me.
I will always carry on the memories, conversations, quotes, and warm messages forever in my life…

Anna Tang xo

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Anonymous asked: Omg why did you stop going to the gym and eating right?????!!!! You're getting really out of shape now!!!!!!


Please, do not look at me. I know. It’s horrible.
However the truth is ..
Eating sweets/junk provides me some sort of comfort when I’m feeling miserable and extremely stressed.
I don’t have time for gym - way too occupied with Uni. It’s hectic. Plus I don’t drive anymore.

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susana19 asked: People seem to have so much time to constantly stalk and message you negative comments! I'm glad you make better use of your time, Anna. Somebody must always have you in their mind! I'd find that flattering. You are so much better than that, I wouldn't bother wasting my energy on that kind of stuff.


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Anonymous asked: It's funny looking at clubbing pics because you're always on the side. What's more awkward is everyone is bunched up except you, looks like they really want you in the pic :)


" you’re always on the side"
- Because I choose to be on the side. I love standing on the side. What’s so wrong about it? I dislike being in the middle lol

Clearly if they didn’t want me in the picture they wouldn’t invited me in the first place to take a photo .. Now that’s awkward.
So you can go ahead and “assume” all you want, if that makes you feel any better.

Haha at your assumptions. You’re hilarious. You need to grow up. What are you trying to achieve here? This message doesn’t make me upset or feel shit. So whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working, darling. Clearly you’re trying to make yourself feel good by putting me down. Shows what kind of person you are.

I don’t have time for these non sense, irrelevant comments. Keep them and laugh about it to yourself, that way it’s 10 times funnier. 
You sure have a lot of time on your hands. My advice is worry about your life first. That way you’ll feel better. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”
Actually this respond goes out to all the people who have been anonymously messaging me. I have far more significant things to do in life instead of sitting here responding all this negativity. I only want to say it once. Go find something more important to do hunny bunnies ^___^

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I refuse to wear a backpack to school because it ruins my outfit.

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“Never cross an ocean for someone who would not jump a puddle for you”

I finally figured it out. Thanks to you. I officially now understand what I mean to you and how much you value this friendship. Thanks to you now I realise I’m just a piece of shit and I mean nothing. I need to stop caring too much, giving too much for people who won’t jump the puddle and do the same for me. Step on me over and over. Damage every layer of my skin. Do what you gotta do, until you realize what you’ve been doing.

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I need to learn to stop going out of my way for someone who won’t do the same. And i need to stop wasting so much energy on people who simply don’t value or appreciate me. Let’s face it. Who cares?

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Been feeling extremely uneasy lately to the point i have no idea how to express myself. Because no one will ever understand, even i can barely comprehend. Words can’t describe how much i hate the way i am right now. I feel trapped. I feel like I’m in this cage with electric wires all around me every time i try to over come and break out it backfires. I don’t think i can ever escape this battle. I guess my past has something to do with it. It has effected my life style,enormously. I guess i can’t just always blame on my past, because it’s up to me right now to pick myself up and work on. But, tell me how am i meant to work on it if i feel anxious all the time. I feel numb. My anxiety is too extreme right now. And lately i’ve been stressing so much. It’s not even funny. I stress too much to the point i can’t even function, and cope what’s around me. Is there stress pills or anything?

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i love chubby babes :3 
- Been catching up on IT’SJUDYSLIFE, i am so happy for her and Benji. God bless them both. Been watching them for a very,very long time now.

i love chubby babes :3 
- Been catching up on IT’SJUDYSLIFE, i am so happy for her and Benji. God bless them both. Been watching them for a very,very long time now.

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